Ukrainian peasants poison Russians with cherries

Ukrainian peasants poison Russians with cherries

Ukrainian peasants have difficulty defending themselves against an armed invader from Russia. It turns out, however, that farmers are likely using whatever means at their disposal to sabotage enemy fighters.

In the Ukrainian city of Melitopol, some farmers are said to have poisoned their cherries, said Ivan Fedorov (33), the mayor of Melitopol, to the Ukrainian news. “Our peasants prepared a gift for the Russian fascists – freshly treated cherries that caused a mass disease among the Russians,” said the mayor. His statements could not be independently verified.

The idea came about because the troops of the head of the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin (69), regularly stole crops from local farmers.

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The mayor has been kidnapped

“It’s a kind of partisan resistance movement that exists today in Melitopol County,” Fedorov said. “You shouldn’t steal anything from us, it all grew from the hard work of our farmers.”

The city of Melitopol, located in the south of the country, has been occupied by Russia from the first days of the war. However, according to Ivan Fedorov, the local population still does not give up. On Sunday, city residents could queue for a Russian passport. According to the mayor, the offer benefited “only 15 out of 70 thousand. residents who remained in the temporarily occupied city ”.

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Fedorov had to personally experience the violence of the Russians. After the Russian occupation, the Ukrainian was kidnapped with a plastic bag on his head and interrogated for several days. Photos from his kidnapping went around the world. The politician was later released as a result of an exchange of prisoners. (obf)

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