Uninstall 10 Windows 10 apps instantly

In the latest versions of Windows 10, Microsoft has gotten much better at removing unnecessary apps. Despite this, there are many outdated programs and apps that are taking up system resources and it is best to remove them early. The list below contains some popular apps that should be uninstalled from Windows 10. And if you’re considering reinstalling one, read on to find out why you shouldn’t.

1.Microsoft Silverlight

When it came out in 2007, Microsoft Silverlight was intended to be a universal tool for writing rich web applications similar to Adobe Flash. Today, if you visit the official Silverlight page on Microsoft Edge, you will see a notification that it is no longer compatible with the official Microsoft browser. That tells us all about the uselessness of the program.

While it’s still possible to run Silverlight on the now-defunct Internet Explorer browser, the official site states that Silverlight 5 will no longer be supported after October 2021. If you accidentally get stuck with Silverlight plugins, you can easily uninstall them from this link.

2. Adobe Flash

Once the universal standard for video, gaming, and web content, Adobe Flash has finally been phased out. This is mainly because its many inherent vulnerabilities made it vulnerable to zero-day attacks, making it a favorite among malware authors. Apparently the writing on the wall was for Adobe Flash.

Uninstall Windows Flash immediately

Is Flash still in use? Certainly not on smartphones and tablets as it is not good for viewing mobile content. In any case, most desktop users have switched to new GUI formats because modern browsers no longer support this old program. If you don’t have a craving for old Flash games (which is the only good reason to keep going), it’s time to say goodbye to Flash.

3. Java

“Did someone say ‘Java’?” Certainly not! Hard to believe that using Java is now considered an unnecessary security risk, and you can thank millions of cyber criminals for using this boring program as their preferred attack vector. Although developers still love to use Java programs like Java Development Kit (JDK), it is not the same as Java Runtime Environment (JRE) that you need to uninstall on Windows 10.

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Uninstall Windows Java immediately

Essentially, irregular Java updates are a major cause of its dangerous vulnerabilities. Unlike other programs that silently update in the background, Java manually prompts users to take action on irregular updates. Malware authors love that. Even worse: Java vulnerabilities can be transferred to second programs such as Adobe Reader or VLC Media Player. Although Java may seem harmless on your Windows 10 system, getting rid of it is the safest option for most users. If they fix java issues in the future, you can download it again from the official site.

4. iTunes

Since this list is about Windows programs, it is recommended not to bother with iTunes on a Windows 10 device. The user experience can become painfully slow due to the automatic syncing feature. There are many software incompatibilities that can cause simple menu items to appear incorrectly on your Windows screen. Currently, running an Apple software update on Windows 10 feels like it’s just been born into a patch cabbage.

Uninstall Windows immediately iTunes Windows 10

If you are using a Windows 10 device, avoid the hassle and remove iTunes. Windows was simply not designed for this program. Uninstalling iTunes and its tiny components can also be a hassle. So if you’re stuck with a legacy app, check out Apple’s latest guide on how to get rid of it and its associated components.

5. QuickTime

There is no shortage of quality media players on Windows devices. From Microsoft Photos to VLC, there are numerous programs to choose from. QuickTime isn’t one of them. Many users may get stuck with QuickTime 7 which is no longer supported by Apple. This forces you to opt for a clean install, which is available.

Uninstall Quicktime from Windows immediately

However, uneven installation should be the least of your worries. Like iTunes, QuickTime works great on the Mac, but just isn’t suited to a Windows environment. The program is not officially only available for Windows 10, since Apple ended Windows support in January 2016. Sometimes QuickTime files remain in Windows long after you uninstall them. So bringing it back to a Windows device just can’t be a good idea.

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6.CyberLink PowerDVD

Once an unrivaled choice for media playback on Windows and other systems, CyberLink PowerDVD now behaves like robust bloatware. The whole experience can seem like a slideshow of adware on steroids. Even after uninstalling PowerDVD, residual software and registry entries are everywhere. So you need to learn how to remove all this bloat from your system.

Uninstall Cyberlink Powerdvd from Windows immediatelyCyberLink PowerDVD

PowerDVD program is usually bundled into Windows 10 system as a part of laptop promotion strategy or some other business. If you want a better Blu-Ray media player, go for Xbox One device or Leowo Blu-Ray Ripper.

7. Dell bloatware

This is a problem that mainly affects Dell users as many new laptops come with all sorts of crapware called “Dell”. While it may seem counterintuitive to remove all that overhead from a brand new Dell computer because it feels so integrated into the system, it’s actually good for you unless you want to use one of the features.

Uninstall Windows immediately DellDell bloatware

Such useless programs include Dell Dumpster Fire, Dell SupportAssist (which is very user-friendly), Dell Digital Delivery, Dell Customer Connect, and a few others. If you’re not a fan of Dell slowing down your newly purchased device, get rid of those extra apps.

Even Lenovo and Acer may have crapware around that needs to be removed immediately. But Dell bloat really weighs you down and just isn’t what you want on your system.

8. CCleaner

Unlike many of the other programs on this list, CCleaner has its strengths. It can be used to clean your Windows registry and remove unwanted programs. Most computer-savvy technicians use this program often and recommend it for everyday use. But is it really as good as it sounds?

Uninstall Windows immediately Ccleaner

We must remember that CCleaner was useful at a time when Windows devices had many security and functionality vulnerabilities. As of 2021, this will no longer be the case as recent Windows updates have fixed many key vulnerabilities. By using a third-party program to manage your registry errors, you might be doing more harm than good. Recent Windows updates fix various CCleaner issues only with manual intervention.

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9. McAfee Bloatware

Similar to Dell bloatware, if you’re stuck with multiple antivirus programs that take forever to update and scan, you’re wrong. McAfee, once “the” antivirus software, can now unduly bloat your system, and your system will be better off without it.

Uninstall Windows Mcafee immediately

Personally, I don’t use any antivirus apart from Windows Defender, which has proven to be quite good in several tests. But if you must use one, choose one that doesn’t bloat too much and runs quietly in the background without causing any interruptions. We have a useful and handy list of such antivirus software for Windows users. Also, programs should be easy to uninstall, which McAfee bloatware just isn’t.

10. Torrent Software

Still using torrent software like UTorrent and BitTorrent on a Windows device? You should know that Microsoft hates them because they are often used to pirated software. It is now becoming increasingly difficult to run these hacked applications on a newly updated system. Vehicle apps like UTorrent suffer because the end user simply cannot prevent downloaded software from being blocked by Windows.

Uninstall Windows immediately Utorrent

Technically, you can still use torrents on Windows, but the days of the old torrent clients seem to be numbered now. If you want to use one, opt for a pre-approved torrent app from the Microsoft Store. Not only do they have a better modern GUI, but they also provide access to legitimate and legal torrent download links. This certainly won’t cause any red flags with Windows.

Uninstall Windows Torrent Store immediately

We have discussed some of the most popular programs that you need to uninstall from Windows 10. Some of these programs are being dropped by developers in droves, leaving you without the support you need. The rest is full of bloat and crapware and should be discarded quickly for the long-term health of your system.

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