Vaccination doses: According to BAG 620,000 has passed

Vaccination doses: According to BAG 620,000 has passed

Fewer and fewer people are receiving coronavirus vaccines. BAG concedes: 620,000 cans have expired.

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basic information at a glance

  • Coronavirus vaccination has slowed in Switzerland.
  • As a result, 620,000 doses of Moderna vaccine have expired.
  • The BAG must approve the sale of the party, as confirmed by the Federal Office.

About 620,000 doses of the coronavirus vaccine stored in Switzerland have expired. In particular, it is about doses of Moderna vaccines. 420,500 of them are stuck in a military pharmacy, another 200,000 in cantonal refrigerators. This was confirmed by the Federal Office of Public Health (BAG) in the RTS report.

Moderna crown vaccination syringes Crown vaccination syringes by Moderna – POOL / AFP / archiwum

The BAG must approve the divestment of these parties, its spokesman Grégoire Gogniat explained on Thursday night at the Keystone-SDA request for a report by French-speaking Swiss radio and television RTS. The cost of destroying them is one franc per kilogram.

Other lots are at risk of exceeding the expiration date

It cannot be ruled out that the same fate will befall other parties. It is said that around seven million doses of vaccines remain in the army’s refrigerators as vaccination rates have plummeted in recent months. In May, approximately 1,200 doses were administered daily.

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Crown vaccination The woman is vaccinated. (symbol image) – dpa

Manufacturers reserved lots can potentially be added to vaccines already provided. In total, the federal government has bought 34 million cans for 2022.

If there is an overdose of vaccines, up to 15 million doses can be allocated to the COVAX program, which aims to ensure equitable and equal access to Covid-19 vaccines worldwide, and to distribute the vaccine to developing countries. The negotiations are said to be ongoing.

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