War in Ukraine: The Swiss people stand for neutrality

War in Ukraine: The Swiss people stand for neutrality

Switzerland’s neutrality has sparked heated discussions since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. How should the Confederation behave in this war? As a neutral country, can it deliver weapons to Ukraine via third countries? What sanctions against the Russian oligarchy should Switzerland support? Questions that politicians need to answer.

Only: How does society actually think about neutrality? A representative study by the research institute Gallup Switzerland said exactly this. 1,000 Swiss tested, results only available for SonntagsBlick.

Interview with Sebastian Kurz: “Neutrality does not mean no opinion” (10:11)

A large majority for neutrality

71 percent believes that maintaining neutrality is better for the security of the country. 88 percent believe it is an important part of Swiss identity, and 76 percent believe neutrality contributes to security and stability in Europe. But what do you actually understand Schweizer by this abstract term?

For three-quarters of those interviewed, neutrality was consistent with participation in unarmed peace-keeping missions. 67 percent believes that a neutral country can take a clear stance against violence in international conflicts. Membership in various international organizations, as long as they are not military alliances, is in line with neutrality for over 60% of people.

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The sanctions are controversial

However, opinions about economic sanctions differ: 57 percent. of those interviewed believe that economic sanctions against fighting states are in line with neutrality. About half of the respondents reject participation in armed peacekeeping missions.

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A clear majority also oppose any involvement in directly supplying weapons to warring parties: 69 percent say no.
At the same time, 73 percent. committed to “armed” neutrality. And 38 percent of respondents call for more defense spending.

K√∂ppel on weapons deliveries: “Neutrality is thrown out the window” (01:33)

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