Weekend chaos: KLM will not board passengers bound for Amsterdam

Weekend chaos: KLM will not board passengers bound for Amsterdam

The great rush over the Pentecost weekend has serious repercussions for KLM passengers. Air operations at Schiphol airport have collapsed and the airline must take drastic measures.

Pentecost weekend leads to huge rush for air connections, which are still normalizing from the effects of the crown pandemic. On Saturday (June 4), KLM had to take drastic measures to stabilize its operations. This applies to countless passengers.

The airline will no longer fly European passengers to Amsterdam for the rest of the day. “To ensure that the situation at Schiphol remains safe and manageable for passengers and crew, KLM has made the momentous decision not to carry any more passengers to Amsterdam.”

Schiphol on the border

Construction work is currently underway on the runway at KLM’s home airport, Amsterdam Schiphol. As a result, opportunities for air traffic are further restricted, which has already led to delays.

“On Saturday we were faced with unforeseen and acute circumstances beyond our control. Due to unfavorable weather conditions and maintenance work on the runway at Schiphol airport, many aircraft were unable to land or depart from Amsterdam.

The preparations were not enough

In fact, KLM has prepared itself for the summit over the Pentecost weekend. The Dutch airline announced on Friday that 50 flights a day will be canceled to prevent overloading flight operations.

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In addition, changes have been made to baggage handling for the weekend to avoid additional loading delays if passengers miss their connecting flights.

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