What are the kiit hostel fees

Does the Kiit fee apply to the hostel?

Total Kiit Expenses Including Clutter Fees, Hostel Fees and Tuition Per Semester in 2019 … Tuition Per Semester – Rs 1.50,000. Hostel fees can range from Rs 27,000 to Rs 65,000. per semester depending on room sharing, AC / non-AC and all.

Is a stay in a hostel in Kiit obligatory?

So yeah it is compulsory for a first-year student in the hostel. In exceptional cases, consent to stay outside the hostel may be granted by the dean or the director.

How many hostels are in Kiit?

They serve a wide selection of national and international dishes. These food and beverage outlets are in addition to 20 canteens connected to as many hostels. Are 20 hostels for boys and 11 hostels for girls are available with accommodation capacity of 10,180 and 5,648 students respectively.

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Are mobile phones allowed at the Kiit Hostel?

The guardian of the shelter must ensure that the suffering student has the approval of the director of the shelter and the manager of the shelter. No boarder can keep bicycle / car / radio / TV / tape / computer / mobile phone in the hostel.

What’s the hostel life like in Kiit?

Kiit youth hostels they are usually very good and the mess is good too. Kiit provides us with a bed, pillow, bucket etc. The rooms are spacious and the food quality is also good. I lived at KP-7A Hostel prior to COVID-19 for about 1 year.

Does Kiit have a dress code?

➢ Dress Code Students must come to college in formal attire. A place in the hostel will be allocated on the day of registration. … All hostels are fully furnished.

Are there girls in Kiit?

A total of 1,755 students of the KIIT-Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology are registered on the Youth4work platform. There are 986 men out of 1,755 students, 426 women and 343 students who did not show willingness to specify their gender in their profiles.

Is smoking allowed in Kiit?

It is forbidden to drink alcohol, smoke, take gutkas or other illegal drugs on the premises of the hostel.

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Are vehicles allowed on Kiit?

Unofficial travel: The vehicles are used by any outside departments / institutions or staff members for purposes other than the official purposes of KIIT Deemed University. The driver and the vehicles are made available with the consent of the competent authority. All expenses are borne by the user on any unofficial trip.

Does Kiit Hostel have wifi?

KIIT Hostel is a home away from home. There are separate hostels for boys and girls with 24/7 Wi-Fi and intranet connectivity. All hostels have attached canteens. International students are accommodated in a dedicated international hostel.

Is Hostel obligatory in KSOM?

Hostel equipment:

It is a residential campus, so the hostel is obligatory and the fees for the semester are 50,000 rupees.

Is the bicycle allowed at KIIT?

According to the VIT statement the student has to submit, it is clearly mentioned that students are not allowed to operate any motor vehicle but bicycles are allowed. There are no official mentions for KIIT, but generally no such private motor vehicles can be associated with any hostel.

Is it worth joining Kiit?

Taking into account other universities, yes Kiit is worth joiningbut you have to be careful! Only you will suffer if you just sleep in class, hang around with your girlfriend all the time, waste your time playing CSGO or anything else that is wasting your time so you will have a future so keep this point in mind.

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What is the hostel fee at VIT Vellore?


Hostel Fee (INR ₹) 1.14.748 60,148
Bail Deposit (INR ₹) [Refundable] 15,000 15,000
Total Amount (INR ₹) 1 29748 75,148

What are the Kiit Quora fees?

Primary answer: what are the KIIT fees? This is 1.75 lakhs per semester which is 14 lakh academic / institutional fees. In the meantime, hostel fees have also surfaced which are around 40,000 for 2 beds without air conditioning.

Is KIIT expensive?

At KIIT you will be forced to pay almost Rs. 60,000 for outfits, uniform and laptop on admission, then Rs. 1,73,000 for a 6-month semester, along with a minimum of Rs. 20,000 per semester in hostel fees.

Is KIIT very strict?

KIIT provides many good places on campus. … The faculties are experienced and will provide you with study notes and the main campus faculties are strict in comparison to the other 2 campuses.

Is KIIT better than a rivet?

Reply. The chances of getting NIT are unfortunately very smaller, KIIT is the next best alternative. Placement is what KIIT is known for all over India. For almost 5-7 years, there has been an almost percent record of investments.