What are the symbols of the genogram?

What should be included in the genogram?

The genogram is first drawn on a large sheet of cardboard or paper and should contain all biological and legal family membersas well as other important people in the family and even pets.

What symbol is used to represent the male in the genogram?

square In the genogram, males are represented by place and women over and over. If you are unsure of how to place individuals in complex family situations, such as reconstituted families, please refer to the principles of genograming in this guide.

How to make a genogram symbol?

What is an example of a genogram?

Example: two spouses, each previously married; the wife had two children, the husband had neither; current couple living without marriage and having one child together (all female children). Another example of how a genogram / family tree can be constructed uses straight lines, not traditional angles.

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What symbol in the genogram represents an emotional conflict between two people?

A conflict with wavy line or “up and down”, placed between two members of a conflicting relationship. The conflicting relationship between Bob and his father-in-law Mike is marked with a purple line in Figure 5.

How do you show death in the genogram?

The standard genogram distinguishes three different types of children: biological / natural child, adopted child, and foster child. The triangle means pregnancy, miscarriage or abortion. In the event of a miscarriage an oblique cross is drawn on the triangle to indicate death.

How is a genogram produced?

The genogram is made of simple gender symbols, with different lines to illustrate family relationships. Some users of genograms also place circles around members who live in the same living spaces. Genograms can be prepared with a complex text editor or computer drawing program.

How do you read the genogram?

A genogram is an image family relationships of a person and history. It goes beyond the traditional family tree, allowing creators to visualize patterns and psychological factors influencing relationships. A genogram is a picture of a person’s family relationships and history.

Why is the genogram important?

Genograms help introduce the key people in the life of the individual and their relationship with them. This tool helps professionals identify problems and concerns in the family. The genogram is also a very helpful tool in the field of social work.

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Can you make a genogram on the word?

Creating a genogram in Word is a project that helps you remember the most important events in your family history. One of the advantages of using Word to create genograms as opposed to a more graphics-oriented program is the ability to add additional words or images to the pages in front of or behind those that display the genogram.

What is the difference between a genogram and a family tree?

The family diagram is interspersed with Bowen’s family systems theory, while the genogram highlights how the nuclear family interacts at multiple contextual levels. The family diagram and genogram are not synonyms; rather they are clearly different methods of family assessment.