What besides rice can be used to dry the phone

What can I use if I don’t have rice to dry my phone?

Use Silica gel packs (Not rice)

Use silica gel packets instead. They are used in packaged and boxed products (such as shoes) to absorb moisture, and can do the same to your phone. Place a few sachets of silica gel under the phone and on top.

How quickly will you dry the phone?

How to dry something without rice?

Use instant oats it is more absorbent than rice. Place the phone where the water can easily drain off and leave it in instant oats for 2-4 hours. How to dry an iPhone that’s wet but in a case? First, take it out of its case as there may still be some water in your case.

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Does soaking the phone in alcohol work?

Dipping a water-damaged device in isopropyl alcohol can prevent shorts from forming. Alcohol gets into all the gaps on the phone to clean it well, and basically washes away all the water.

How long does it take for my phone to dry up?

A minimum of 24 hours is the minimum and try for 48 hours or more if you can. Don’t hit the power button to “test” or “see if it’s already fixed” before this time. If there is still water inside, it can easily conduct electricity to areas on the circuit board that are not to be leaked to. The final result?

Can you use salt to dry your cell phone?

Salt water that’s another matter, experts say. Salts in ocean water are highly corrosive to electronics and can damage your phone much faster. If it is not possible to vacuum dry the phone in a few days, Naumann has one final trick to offer.

How to dry a Samsung phone?

Place the phone in a safe, dry place. Wait at least 48 hours the liquid to evaporate before reinserting the SIM or microSD card or turning on the device. Placing the phone in a plastic bag filled with uncooked rice facilitates the pairing process.

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How to drain the water from the phone?

Gently shake the phone to get rid of any water in the headphone jack, charging port, or under the physical buttons. Then, thoroughly wipe the phone with a dry cloth, toilet paper, or paper napkins to remove any water on the outside. It is one of the most widely used and known techniques.

Can I dry my phone with a hair dryer?

DO NOT use a hair dryer

Using a hair dryer to dry your hair is perfectly fine, but it’s not a good idea to use a dryer to dry your mobile as this may actually push the moisture deeper into the phone (which you don’t want to do) and the dryer also produces heat which can also damage parts of the phone .

What should I do if I drop my Samsung phone in the water?

If your phone is waterproof and you’ve spilled it or submerged it in a liquid other than water, both Apple and Samsung recommend rinse by dipping in non-carbonated tap water (but not under running water which may cause damage). Wipe the phone dry with paper towels or a soft cloth.