What does a candy stripper do?

What were the candy stripper’s duties?

Candy strips used for assist nurses, take out rubbish, change beds, retrieve documents.

What are the Candy Stripers called now?

Today, this active group is known as Younger volunteersand they wear turquoise polo shirts and khaki pants. But until about 25 years ago, volunteers wore iconic pink and white striped aprons that quickly identified them as younger volunteers.

How old do you have to be to be a stripper?

Most candy and junior striptease volunteer programs seek a commitment of two to four hours a week from volunteers aged 14 to 18. Some programs allow volunteers between the ages of 12 and 20. As a minor, your application will likely need to be signed by one of your parents.

Do hospital volunteers wear gowns?

Most hospitals require volunteers to wear a uniform. Your uniform will let patients, visitors and hospital staff know that you are a volunteer. Keep your uniform neat and clean.

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What does this mean for Candy Stripe?

The definition of a candy bar

: a pattern usually consisting of bright stripes of one color on a solid background, especially in textiles his shirts …

What do hospital volunteers do?

Volunteer tasks may include: interaction with patients, rounding up of patient roomsdrafting medical records, assisting with discharge, answering phone calls, replenishing supplies, helping nursing staff with errands and other assigned tasks to help the ward run smoothly and allow staff to concentrate more time on patient care …