What happened to Micky Yoochun

What happened to Yoochun?

Disgraced former K-pop superstar Park Yoo-chun has been embroiled in a dispute over a double contract with her new agency. The singer and actor, who was also a member of the K-pop group JYJ, announced his official retirement from show business after was convicted of drugs in 2019.

What happened to Park Yoo Hwan?

According to an Allkpop report on November 3, Park Yoo Hwan was arrested on suspicion of smoking marijuana with two other people at a restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand, in December 2020.

How old is Park Yoochun?

35 years old (June 4, 1986) Park Yoochun / Age

How tall is Park Yoo Chun?

5 ′ 11 ″ Park Yoochun / Height

Does yoochun have Instagram?

Park yoochun (@ 6002yoochun) instagram photos and videos

What happened to TVXQ?

After a one-year break TVXQ is back as a duo with other members of Yunho and Changmin. They released their fifth Korean album, TVXQ Keep Your Head Down (2011), which topped the charts in most major Asian markets when released.

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Hangul TVXQ
Hanja Tohoshinki
Japanese name

Is Park Yoochun still in prison?

On July 2, 2019, Park was sentenced to 10 months’ imprisonment suspended for two years and a fine of 1.4 million won. He has since ended his trial period without violations.