What happens when we mix acid with alkaline solutions

What happens when you mix acid and base together?

When acid and base are put together, react to neutralize the acidic and alkaline properties to form salt. The H (+) acid cation combines with the OH (-) anion of the base to form water. The compound formed by the base cation and the acid anion is called a salt.

What happens when an acid solution is mixed with an alkali solution in the test tube?

When an acid is mixed with a base, the neutralization reaction takes place when salt and water are formed. It is an exothermic reaction, i.e. heat is released during the process.

Is it safe to mix acid and base?

Explanation: Acids and bases can be extremely dangerous. Remember that acids and bases can be corrosive and / or irritating to human skin, so be careful not to touch your skin. Always wear safety glasses when dealing with acids and bases, and your teacher may even recommend wearing gloves.

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When acid is mixed with a base solution, does it form Dash and Dash?

Clarifications: When an acid is mixed with an alkaline solution, it is formed salt and water.

When are aqueous acid and base solutions mixed?

This process is known as Neutralization reaction. when aqueous solutions of acids and bases are mixed together, salt and water will be formed.