What is an exhausted area?

What do you mean by catwalk?

1: being in a bad shape : destroyed. 2: worn out, exhausted. 3: fully expanded.

What is a neglected housing?

2 adj A run-down building or site is in a very bad condition.

What is a statement and what is its purpose?

Also called program flow, directions sheet, program flow, minute by minute, or program, summary is the sequence of individual event items that will take place within a given show, event, meeting or gathering. … Either way, the recap is a blueprint for what will happen on the show.

What does business runway mean?

From the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrun‧down / ˈrʌndaʊn / noun [singular] 1 the process of diminishing and diminishing the importance of a company or industry from a summary of British Steel’s activities in Scotland

What is the name of the ruined house?

Also called tenement . a neglected and often overcrowded tenement house, especially in a poor part of a big city. … tenement houses, stakes in real estate being the subject of ownership.

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What is the name of a neglected house?

2 broken, fell into disrepairdamaged, dingy, neglected, dingy, shabby, broken down, worn out.