What is Gmail Shuttle Cloud Migration

Is Gmail ShuttleCloud Migration Safe?

ShuttleCloud – as described on their website – has a good reputation among Gmail users, so using them is considered safe. Additionally, the import process is only active for 30 days.

What does Gmail ShuttleCloud migration do?

Gmail uses the built-in migration tool provided by ShuttleCloud, which allows you to import everything from your old inbox for free– a service that usually costs $ 19.95 / import! … Click on the ‘Accounts & Import’ tab then click on ‘Import Mail and Contacts’.

How to get rid of Gmail migration from ShuttleCloud?

Go to the account permissions page (https://myaccount.google.com/permissions) Find ShuttleCloud Migration in the Gmail list and select it. Click here blue button REMOVE ACCESS. Click the OK button to confirm.

Is ShuttleCloud migration free?

ShuttleCloud G Suite Marketplace app

– Has 1 free migration then each additional migration costs $ 19.95. – Includes dedicated support and advice from G Suite experts.

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How does ShuttleCloud migration work?

Our migration tool never stores email content; instead, this stores the header information of each e-mail so that it can later “retrieve” that e-mail from one IMAP server to another. The header information stored by our tool is the source account, target account, size, date, and message ID.

How does email migration work?

Email migration is a process in which An e-mail or multiple e-mails are migrated from one e-mail client to another e-mail client. An equivalent term is mailbox migration, in which case you can also migrate records such as e-mails, meetings, contacts, or tasks.

Who Owns ShuttleCloud?

We are supported by famous investors from the Silicon Valley and the East Coast, incl SV Angel and High Line Venture Partners.

What is the ShuttleCloud Migration Tool?

ShuttleCloud it cloud data migration software for importing emails and contacts. … It helps some of the leading e-mail and address book providers to enable their users to import multiple contacts and e-mail messages each day from their providers.