What is the importance of aureomycin

What is aureomycin used for?

AUREOMYCIN; a new antibiotic for treatment of bacterial, viral and rickettsial diseases.

How do you spell aureomycin?

Phonetic spelling of aureomycin

  • au-re-mycin.
  • awr-ee-oh-mahy-sin.
  • Aureomycin.
  • Aureo-my-cin. Amya Koelpin.
  • What is the meaning of Thumbled?

    : a very small person the size of a thumb : dummy.

    Is aureomycin an antibiotic?

    The antibiotic has been named aureomycin and a statement regarding its specific properties and chemical purification will be published elsewhere. Of particular interest to us was the striking spectrum of action of this antibiotic against many rickettsiae and some viruses.

    What is another name for aureomycin?


    Chlortetracycline (trade name Aureomycin, Lederle Laboratories) is a tetracycline antibiotic, the first tetracycline identified.

    What is the meaning of Trumble?

    English and Scottish: from unregistered Old English personal name Trumbeald, composed of elements of the ‘strong’ trum, ‘hard’ + ball ‘bold’, ‘brave’. Similar names: Crumble, Tremble, Humble, Rumbley, Trundle, Bramble, Trull, Tribble.

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    What is the meaning of the word falls?

    1a: fall suddenly and helplessly. b: suffer a sudden fall, overthrow or defeat. c: fall suddenly and sharply (as in price): the stock market fell. d: fall into ruin: fall. 2a: to perform gymnastic performance in falls.

    What does slang mean?

    Fall. tumbl, vi drop: fall suddenly and abruptly: roll: twist your body, like a villain: fall quickly, like money: go hurried: (slang) to understand, twig. – vt throw blindly: overturn: throw during examination: mess, whine.

    How do you spell Trumble?

    Hit is a surname of English and Scottish origin.

    How is Trimble spelled?

    Trimble Definition and meaning | Dictionary.com.