What is vfa in asphalt

What does VFA in asphalt mean?

The space filled with asphalt is known as VFA (Voids filled with asphalt). The remaining space is empty air spaces. VMA is critical to compound durability and fracture toughness.

How to increase VMA in asphalt?

Certain sizes of aggregate in the asphalt mix will increase the VMA making space. Certain sizes of aggregate will reduce the VMA of the asphalt by filling the space.

What is VMA in Asphalt?

1.1 Voids in mineral aggregate (VMA) are the voids between the aggregates of the compacted mixture. This void includes air voids and effective asphalt content.

What is VMA in Asphalt Compound Design?

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Voids in mineral aggregate (VMA) are the voids between the aggregate particles in the compacted paving mixture, including those filled with asphalt. The VMA represents the space available to contain the asphalt and the volume of air voids necessary in the mixture.

What if VMA is low?

Lower VMA values ​​mean that the intercrystalline space available for the asphalt binder is reduced. This reduces the amount of effective asphalt binder that can be used in the mix, which in turn leads to a thinner binder layer around the aggregate particles. The thickness of the foil is related to the durability of the mixture.

How to repair a VMA?

Lowering the dust content of the mixture will increase the VMA. This effect may not be solely due to the gradation effect, but still has one of the stronger effects on a VMA. Reducing the dust content to the lower specification limit will maximize the amount of VMA that can be obtained.

How to calculate the VFA in asphalt?

VFA = (VMA-Va) / VMA x 100 ▪ VMA = 100 – (Gmb x Ps) / Gsb ▪ Va = (Gmm-Gmb) / Gmm x 100 ▪ Pba = 100 x ((Gse-Gsb) / (Gsb x Gse)) x Gb ▪ Gse = (100- Pb) / ((100 / Gmm) – (Pb / Gb)) ▪ Pbe = Pb- (Pba / 100) x Ps ▪ What is the determination of the volume properties of the mixture?

What is VMA in the Marshall Stability Test?

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The measured voids expressions are typically: Air voids (Va), sometimes expressed as voids in total mixture (VTM) Voids in mineral aggregate (VMA) Asphalt filled voids (VFA)

What does asphalt rice mean?

Specific Gravity Rice Test for the specific gravity of the asphalt is a common test that measures the theoretical maximum specific gravity (Gmm) of asphalt samples. Testing is an integral part of the quality assurance of asphalt mixtures. Free and trapped air is purged from the asphalt sample in preparation for the test.

How is VFA calculated?

Currently, VFA can be measured with simple distillation, steam distillationcolorimetric technique (2, 3) or gas chromatography.

What is PS in Asphalt?

Pba = asphalt absorbed, weight percent aggregate. Ps = aggregate, percentage of the total mass of the mixture.

What is the density of the HMA?

approximately 145 pounds per cubic foot The density of a thickened mix is ​​defined as its unit weight or the weight of a specified volume of mix. In the case of the compact HMA, this is it approximately 145 pounds per cubic foot.

What is the purpose of the visiting forces agreement?

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What is the number of volatile fatty acids?

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The number of volatile fatty acids (VFA No.) is one of the parameters indicating the quality condition of the Para latex at any given time. Most factories analyze this parameter using a standard analytical method as in ISO 506: 1992 (E).

Which test was used to determine the volatile acid present in fats or oil?

The Polenske value (also known as the Polenske number) is the value determined when testing fat. It is an indicator of how much volatile fatty acids can be extracted from the fat by saponification.

Is VFA complete?

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What is Edca and VFA?

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What is the Military Base Agreement?

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