What’s another word for magnetic lines of force?

What is another name for magnetic lines of force?

magnetic flux lines of force, or streamleave the North Pole and enter the South Pole.

What are magnetic lines of force in simple words?

The magnetic lines of force are imaginary line representing the direction of the magnetic field so that the tangent at any point is the direction of the field vector at that point.

What is the magnetic force called?

The magnetic force is a consequence electromagnetic force, one of the four fundamental forces of nature and is caused by the movement of charges. Two objects containing a charge with the same direction of motion have a magnetic force between them.

What’s another word for magnetic field?

On this page you can discover 5 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions and related words for the magnetic field, such as: electromagnetic fieldmagnetic field of currents, magnetic field strength, magnetic flux and flux.

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What are magnetic lines of force made of?

Permanent magnets are objects that create their own permanent magnetic fields. They are made of ferromagnetic materials such as iron and nickelwhich have been magnetized and have both a north and south pole.

What do the lines of force mean?

Definition of the line of force

: a line in a field of force (such as a magnetic or electric field) whose tangent at any point defines the field direction at that point.

What is another term for the electric field?

Alternative synonyms for “electric field”:

field; field of force; force field.

What is the antonym of the word magnet?

What is the opposite of a magnet?

discouragement repulsion
stop obstacle
refusal dislike
refusal reply
prevention fact

Is a magnetic field the same as an electromagnetic field?

The area around the magnet where the magnetic force acts is called the magnetic field. It is produced by moving electric charges. … They are two different fields with almost the same characteristics. That’s why they are related in the field called an electromagnetic field.

What is an electric field and a magnetic field?

The magnetic field is the field that explains the magnetic effect on an object in space. Electric field. There is an electric field the field defined by the magnitude of the electric force at any point in space. Current. The current is the rate of recharging as it travels out of the region.

What are Class 12 electric field lines?

The electric field line is an imaginary line or curve drawn from an electric field point, such this tangent to it (at any point) determines the direction of the electric field at that point.

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What is a stronger electric field or magnetic field?

The way in which charges and currents interact with an electromagnetic field is described by Maxwell’s equations and the Lorentz law of force. The force generated by the electric field is much stronger than the force generated by the magnetic field.

What are magnetic field lines?

The magnetic field lines are defined as have the direction of a small compass when placed in place. (a) If small compasses are used to map the magnetic field around the bar magnet, they will point in the directions shown: from the north pole of the magnet towards the south pole of the magnet.

How are electric lines of force different from magnetic lines of force?

Reply. Electric field lines are induced on a positive charge and decreases in a negative charge while the magnetic field line begins at the North Pole and ends at the South Pole. … The electric field lines form a closed loop, while the magnetic field lines do not form a closed loop.

How are the magnetic field lines and the electric field lines similar?

Similarities between magnetic fields and electric fields: Electric fields are produced by two types of charges, positive and negative. Magnetic fields are associated with two magnetic poles, North and South, although they are also produced by charges (but moving charges). How the poles repel; unlike the poles, they attract.

Is the magnetic force a pressing force?

The magnetic forces are non-contact forces; they pull or push objects without touching them.

What is a class 10 magnetic force line?

The path along which the North Pole moves in a magnetic field is called the magnetic lines of force or the magnetic field line. They show the direction and strength of the magnetic field. … The direction of a magnetic field is the direction in which the north pole of the compass needle moves within it.

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What does the name of the magnetic force mean and explain?

magnetic force, the attraction or repulsion that arises between electrically charged particles due to their motion. It is the primary force responsible for effects such as the operation of electric motors and the attraction of magnets to iron.

What are the 3 types of contact forces?

Types of contact force:

  • Friction Force: Friction is the force exerted by a surface on the movement of a body on its surface. …
  • Applied Force: Force applied to an object by another object. …
  • Normal force: Normal force is also called support force.

Why do we call magnetic force and gravity as non-contact force?

The magnetic force is said to be a non-contact force because force does not require two bodies to be in direct contact with each other. Bodies experience some type of attraction or repulsion that is the result of the magnetic force between them.

What forces are contact forces?

Examples of contact forces include:

  • The power of reaction. An object at rest on the surface experiences a force of reaction. …
  • Tension. The force of tension acts on the object being stretched. …
  • Friction. Two objects sliding side by side experience frictional forces. …
  • Air resistance.

What are the 7 contact forces?

Below is a list of the types of contact forces:

  • Surface tension.
  • Air resistance.
  • Friction.
  • Upthrust or buoyancy.
  • The force of friction.
  • Force applied.
  • Normal strength.
  • Muscle strength.

What are the 4 different types of forces?

fundamental force, also called fundamental interaction, in physics, any of the four fundamental forces:gravitational, electromagnetic, strong and weak– which regulate the way objects or particles interact and break down certain particles. All known forces of nature can be associated with these basic forces.

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