When was the voice first aired?

Who were the first voice judges?

They also compete for their act to win the competition, making them the winning coach. Original panel presented Christina Aguilera, CeeLo Green, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton; Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, John Legend and Ariana Grande will appear on the panel for this twenty-first season.

What year was The Voice season 1?

2011 Premiere of the inaugural season on April 26 2011 and it ended on June 29, 2011 in the final live. Javier Colon was announced the winner of the inaugural season, marking Levine’s first victory as coach.

Voice (US season 1)

Original web NBC
Original release April 26 – June 29 2011
Season chronology

Who was the first to found The Voice?

Jan from Mol. Talpy, creator of Big Brother, was the first to create the concept of The Voice with Dutch singer Roel van Velzen. Erland Galjaard, the Dutch program director, asked John de Mol if he could come up with a format that would be a step further than The X Factor. It was then that De Mol had the idea of ​​Blind Audition.

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Who won the 1st season of The Voice?

Javier Colon The Voice (USA) – Season 1 / Winners

When did Blake Shelton begin his voice?

2011 Shelton appeared at the 44th annual Country Music Awards on November 10, 2010, where he performed “All About Tonight” and won the Singer of the Year Award. In 2011Shelton began working as a judge / trainer on the NBC television series The Voice.

When did the voice start in 2021?

September 20 When will the 21 season of The Voice premiere in 2021? Season 21 of The Voice premieres Monday, September 20.

Who won the coach of The Voice 2021?

Blake Shelton The Voice (American season 20)

Winning coach Blake Shelton
Second place Kenzie Wheeler
Original web NBC

Who is the most famous vocalist by voice?

Former Hey Monday singer and third season champion Pope Kassadeewhich he won in December 2012 is still the most successful winner of “The Voice”.

Has Ariana Grande starred in The Voice?

But just because Gymani chose the song Grande didn’t mean Grande was the striker. … She sang your song! ” Ariana Grande joins “The Voice” as a coachreplacing Nick Jonas for next season. Earlier that night, Legend and Grande pulled out popcorn (literally) for an epic fight between Clarkson and Shelton.

Which voice coach has the most wins?

Musician Blake Shelton Country Blake Shelton he is the longest-serving coach on “The Voice” and the only original judge to remain on the show. Shelton also has the most wins of any coach in “The Voice”, winning with an impressive eight wins in 20 seasons.

Why is Kelly missing a voice?

I’m so sorry I’m under the weatherKelly called in her absence. She didn’t test positive for COVID-19, but according to host Carson Daly, the protocols are so strict she had to watch the battle rounds remotely.

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Who earns the most money out of the vote?

Ariana Grande who is one of America’s most beloved celebrities, is said to have a projected net worth of $ 180 million, making her the richest judge on the show. Her net worth includes earnings from her music career, music tours, endorsements, real estate, and her new role on The Voice.

Why do the Voice judges wear the same clothes in every episode?

Finally, we have an answer to why The Voice coaches wear the same clothes in every episode, and it’s quite logical: for continuity. That’s right, judges are dressed in the same outfits to make it easier for producers to put together episodes in post-editing.

Is Kelly Clarkson leaving The Voice?

Apparently, the trainers’ refusal to sever ties with the company prompted Clarkson to reevaluate her relationship with her colleagues at The Voice and the show itself. The gossip quickly cleared the matter by pointing out that Clarkson was not going to leave the show.

Who is the richest judge in The Voice?

Shakira And the richest Voice trainer is …Shakira. The Latin-pop singer only rated the show for two seasons, but we’re sure it’s because the show couldn’t afford more. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Shakira is worth $ 300 million.

How much Carson is making from The Voice?

Salary: Daly receives a salary for running The Voice Carson $ 5 million a year. In addition, Daly earns $ 5 million a year for her work on The Today Show, bringing her total annual NBC salary of $ 10 million.

Do you make money from being in The Voice?

On top of that $ 100,000 cash prize at the end of it all, The Voice participants receive money from the program. But they don’t get paid in the same way that program coaches or staff pay. According to Newsweek, they get a scholarship, not a salary.

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How Much Is Toby Keith Worth?

Toby Keith, Cowboy Capitalist: The Country $ 500 million Man. This article is over 8 years old.

How Much Does Blake Shelton Pay Per vote?

As the last original judge on The Voice, it only makes sense that Blake Shelton’s salary would be impressive compared to other coaches. But is it really so? According to one report by The Wrap, a country singer is taking home approximately $ 13 million per season.

How Much Does Kelly Clarkson Earn Out of Voice?

How much is Kelly Clarkson earning in The Voice? According to Variety, Clarkson’s job as a full-time coach for The Voice that began in 2018 has brought her a cool $ 14 million per season.

How much is Savannah Guthrie’s salary?

Savannah Guthrie Net Worth and Salary: Savannah Guthrie is an American journalist and lawyer with a net worth of $ 30 million. Savannah Guthrie’s annual salary for working on the Today Show is $ 8 million a year.

Who took Kelly Clarkson’s place in The Voice?

Kelsea Ballerini It soon turns out that the person who takes Clarkson’s place is: Kelsea Balleriniand you can see her sitting in her chair. Next, host Carson Daly shares, “Unfortunately, our Kelly Clarkson hasn’t been doing well this week” at the beginning of the episode.

How much is John Legend paying for The Voice?

According to many reports, Legend makes estimates $ 13 million per season Voice. With two seasons of The Voice airing annually, this means Legend’s salary is around $ 26 million.

How Much Money is Kelly Ripa Earning Each Year?

Named one of the highest-paid talk show hosts in the world, Ripa takes home an annual salary of about $ 20 million for her co-starring role as Live with Kelly and Ryan with Ryan Seacrest. As for her other half, Mark Consuelos stars as Hiram Lodge in Riverdale and has a net worth of $ 40 million.