Where is Bonita Springs, Florida?

Which big city is Bonita Springs Florida near?

The city of Cape Coral, Florida

Known for its canals and seaside lifestyle, Florida’s Cape Coral is only about 40 minutes’ drive from Bonita Springs.

Is Bonita Springs part of Naples?

Although Bonita Springs and Naples are relatively close together, one of the biggest differences between the two is that they are part of different counties. Naples is located in Collier County with a population of over 300,000.

Is Bonita Springs Florida a nice place to live?

Bonita Springs is located in and is County Lee one of the best places to live in Florida. Living in Bonita Springs provides residents with a lush suburban atmosphere, and most residents own homes. … Many retirees live in Bonita Springs and the residents are leaning towards conservatism. Bonita Springs Public Schools are above average.

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How far is Bonita Springs from Disney?

Yes, the distance between Bonita Springs and Walt Disney World is 163 miles. The drive from Bonita Springs to Walt Disney World takes approximately 3h 15m.

Does Bonita Springs have a beach?

Bonita Springs, welcome beach a community in southwest Florida between Fort Myers and Naples, it is home to the Conservancy of Southwest Florida Nature Center. Fishing and outdoor activities are popular in Bonita Springs, as are sparkling beaches.

Is It expensive to live in Bonita Springs, Florida?

Cost of Living in Bonita Springs, Florida by Expense Category. Bonita Springs housing expenditure is 2% above the national average and utility prices are 12% lower than the national average. Transport expenses such as bus tickets and gas prices are 7% higher than the national average.

Is Bonita Springs an affluent neighborhood?

With a population of 59,637 and 11 suburbs, Bonita Springs is the 65th largest community in Florida. … Income per capita in Bonita Springs in 2018 was $ 51,800, or wealthy relative to Florida and the nation. This equates to an annual income of $ 207,200 for a family of four.

Is Bonita Springs a Nice Place to Retire?

But if you’re looking for a small Florida retirement destination, Bonita Springs is the place to be named number 5 most desirable retirement destination in a small town in America. In fact, a small town of around 53,000 people recently ranked first in Money 2019 Best Places to Retire.

Is Bonita Springs cheaper than Naples?

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Bonita Springs is 1.7% more expensive than Naples. Bonita Springs housing costs are 2.1% more expensive than Naples housing costs. Health spending is 16.1% higher in Bonita Springs.

Is Bonita Bay safe?

But one important thing is Bonita Bay is still safe. … Over three decades, Bonita Bay is a gated community outside US 41 of 3,100 private homes, condominiums and villas in 56 2,400-acre neighborhoods. Several zones are also fenced within the commune.

What is the demographics of Bonita Springs, Florida?

Bonita Springs demographics

White: 90.05% Other Race: 4.27% Black or African American: 2.82% Two or more races: 1.71%

Does Bonita Springs have a center?


Downtown Bonita Springs welcomes you with charm and tradition. A dining room, beautiful parks by the river, a unique artist cottages and shops, Agricultural Market and many special events at Riverside Park. … Stop by local shops for treasures or visit historic artist huts.

Does Bonita Springs have a pier?

New fishing pier, promenade in River Park to provide greater access to water in Bonita. … Although the pier will not be as big as the other famous piers in Naples and Fort Myers, it will be a great place to hang out, says the city.

Does Bonita Beach have clean water?

“Nice day at the beach!” Great beach to visit, clean waternice white sand, public bathrooms and sheds with picnic tables and barbecues for… Parked by the many free beach access points along Highway 41 which goes straight along the beach.

What airport are you flying to for Bonita Springs Florida?

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Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW)operated by the Lee County Port Authority, it is just 20 minutes from Bonita Springs and serves both domestic and international flights.

Does Bonita Beach have a promenade?

Bonita Beach Park – 2.5 acre (10,000 m2) beachfront park featuring promenade and bathing area. Dunes and coastal vegetation surround the gazebo and 8 picnic shelters. Please note that dogs are not allowed on this beach.

What is the closest major airport to Naples Florida?

Southwest Florida International Airport

Florida Southwest International Airport (RSW)

The Southwest Florida International Airport or RSW is the leading option for commercial flights. It’s about 45 minutes south of Naples, in Fort Myers, which may seem like a long drive. Nevertheless, it is still the closest commercial airport to the city.

What is the exit from the Punta Gorda airport?

exit 161 Driving and approaching

To reach the airport from I-75, take the output 161.

What can you do in Naples on a cloudy day?

Best rainy day activities in Naples, Florida

  • # 1: Children’s Museum Golisano in Naples. …
  • # 2: Bounce! …
  • # 3: Coastland Mall. …
  • # 4: Revs Automotive Museum. …
  • # 5: Museum of the Depot in Naples. …
  • Alamo shooting range. …
  • Step into a comfortable vacation home in Naples, Florida.

What to do when it rains in Naples, Italy?

What to do in Naples when it rains: tips for saving lives

  • MANN (National Archaeological Museum) …
  • Capodimonte Museum. …
  • Villa Pignatelli. …
  • PAN (Palace of Arts in Naples) …
  • MADRE (Donna Regina Museum of Contemporary Art) …
  • San Gaetano area. …
  • Capodimonte.