Where to download iTunes for Windows 64 bit

Using a 64-bit operating system on your computer allows the computer to process data in 64-bit chunks instead of the standard 32-bit data, resulting in better performance. If you’re using a 64-bit version of Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, or Windows Vista, the default version of iTunes that you download from Apple’s website is 32-bit. You should download the 64-bit version of iTunes to take full advantage of your more powerful computer.

Versions of iTunes compatible with 64-bit editions of Windows 10, 8, 7 and Vista

Download current or older versions of 64-bit iTunes directly from Apple:

There are other 64-bit versions of iTunes for Windows, but they cannot be downloaded directly from Apple. If you need an older version, visit OldApps.com, a website that hosts older versions of software that the original manufacturers no longer offer.

Apple has never released a version of iTunes that is compatible with the 64-bit edition of Windows XP Pro. Although you can install iTunes 9.1.1 on Windows XP Pro, some features such as CD and DVD burning may not work.

What about 64-bit versions of iTunes for Mac?

There is no need to install any special version of iTunes on Mac. All versions of iTunes for Mac are 64-bit since iTunes 10.4 which was released in 2011.

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The future of iTunes

In June 2019, Apple announced it was discontinuing iTunes. For the Mac, iTunes is divided into the Music, Podcasts, and Video apps. Windows will continue to use iTunes; Apple hasn’t announced a roadmap for standalone desktop apps on the Microsoft platform.