Where to find primary sources

Where can primary sources be found?

For art, history, and humanities, the original source documents are usually kept in museums, archives, limited library collections and government offices. Reproductions of primary source documents can often be found in online digital collections, microform collections, books, and other secondary work.

What’s the easiest way to find primary sources?

The published core sources can be found via using the online catalogor by searching digital collections of historical documents such as the Gerritsen Collection of Women’s History, Chronicling America, and Empire Online. The Historical Library maintains a list of these collections on its website.

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How do you find a primary source in a book?

Use of topic headings find books

Topic headings are the best way to find primary sources in the library catalog. You may have to try a few searches, but one strategy is to combine the keyword for your topic with the topic header for the type of material (see list on the right).

How do I find primary sources on Google?

Google / Google Scholar / Google Books: search for the topic plus the words “primary source“. Or search for a topic plus a word pointing to the main source, such as diary, interview, correspondence, etc.

What is an example of a primary source?

Examples of primary sources:

Theses, dissertationsarticles in scientific journals (research-based), some government reports, material from symposia and conferences, original artwork, poems, photographs, speeches, letters, notes, personal accounts, diaries, interviews, autobiographies and correspondence.

Is the map the primary source?

Maps as primary sources

Maps can be useful as primary sources because: provide an overview of the place at a certain timeand show how places and understanding of places can change over time. Maps can also reveal interesting information about the culture and society in which they were produced.

Is the journal article the primary source?

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In fields commonly considered to be exact sciences, the primary source is: first test report, published as a journal article, research report or conference material, or, if voluminous, a book or chapter within a book. They include methodology, data and results, and discussion.

Where can you find secondary sources?

Secondary sources can be found in books, magazines or online resources.

  • online catalog,
  • relevant article databases,
  • thematic encyclopedias,
  • bibliographies,
  • and by consulting the instructor.

Is the Mayo Clinic your primary source?

Using the Mayo Clinic as Main SourceGoogle provides information on symptoms and treatments, whether it’s critical or infectious, what age tends to affect, and more.

Is the site a secondary source?

The website is a secondary source, if it analyzes, summarizes, evaluates and processes information from primary sources. The information on the website from secondary sources may take the form of published blog posts, review articles, bibliographies, lexicons, indexes, journals, commentaries and treatises.

Where can I find primary and secondary sources?

Basic sources: research guide

Basic sources Secondary sources
Graphics An article criticizing a work of art
Journal A book on a specific topic
Interview Biography
Letters Hearing

• November 29, 2021

How do you find primary and secondary sources?

AND the primary source gives you direct access to your research topic. Secondary sources provide second-hand information and commentary from other researchers. Examples include journal articles, reviews, and research books. Secondary source describes, interprets or synthesizes primary sources.

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Are websites the primary sources?

What is the primary source? … Primary sources are available in original format in libraries, museums, archivesand they are reproduced online in library databases, books, and on the websites of universities, governments and museums.

What is the primary source in geography?

Primary resources, including original or original scientific articles, explain the results of an experiment or research project. The core articles are written by the researchers who conducted the experiment and describe exactly what they did. … Secondary sources are written about primary sources.

How do you know if something is a primary source?

Published material can be considered a primary resource if it is from the period in question and has been written or produced by someone who has direct experience of the event. Often the primary sources reflect individual point of view of the participant or observer.

Is the dataset the primary source?

The social sciences (psychology, sociology, education) place great emphasis on unanalyzed data sets as primary sources. These types of raw, uninterpreted data constitute numerical datasets, such as census data, polls, polls, and interview transcripts.