Which area code is 231, Michigan?

Which city has the area code 231?

Area code 231

Country Larger cities in area code 231 Time zone
TO ME Michigan Big Rapids, Cadillac, Greenville, Ludington, Manistee, Muskegon, Petoskey, ShelbyTraverse City More cities EASTERN Current time is 06:49:42 AM

What’s the number 231?

231 (number)

230 231 232
← 230 231 232 233 234 235 236 237 238 239 → List of numbers – Whole numbers ← 0 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800 900 →
Cardinal two hundred thirty one
Orderly 231. (two hundred and thirty-first)
Factorization 3 × 7 × 11

How big is area code 231?

231 Area code – location, time zone. Without payments? Fraud? Who is calling?

Country Michigan
Time zone Eastern
Is area code 231 free? Not
Main cities Muskegon, Traverse City, Big Rapids, Cadillac, Ludington, Manistee, Petoskey, Cheboygan, Fremont, Boyne City
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Sep 25, 2021

Why am I getting calls from Liberia?

The connections are part of the “Premium CallBack” scam. Members of the public receive a missed call from an unknown number starting with the international code +231. Calls from Liberia come at odd hours, including late at night or in the middle of the day. … If it rings after one or two rings, it is most likely a scam.

What area code is 815?

Area codes 815 and 779 are telephone area codes for most of northern Illinois outside of the Chicago and Quad Cities areas. It also serves many of Chicago’s outer west, southwest, and northwest suburbs. 815 was one of the four original Illinois area codes established in 1947.

Which area code does 817 belong to?

Fort Worth Area code 817 is the North Texas area code for major cities such as Fort Worth, Arlington, and North Richland Hills. Covered with area code 682, it serves more than 40 cities within Denton, Hood, Johnson, Parker, Tarrant and Wise counties.

What is the zip code for Muskegon Michigan?

49440 49441 49442 49444 49445 Muskegon / Postal codes

Which area code does 224 belong to?

Area codes 847 and 224 are telephone area codes in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) for the U.S. state Illinois. The Numbering Plan Area (NPA) covers Northeast Illinois and many of Chicago’s northern suburbs.

When did area code 773 start?

October 12, 1996 In the mid-1990s, the continual growth of Chicago and the proliferation of cell phones and pagers meant that the city needed a new area code. It was decided to separate the entire city outside the downtown area as 773. The new area code came into force on October 12, 1996.

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Which city has the area code 630?

Hinsdale Hanover Park Burr Ridge Area code 630 / city

What time zone is area code 224?

Area code 224

Country Time zone
State of Illinois CENTRAL The current time is 10:10:03 PM
– imposes area code 847 –

What area code is 228?

The Mississippi 228 area code is the North American area code which includes: Mississippi Bay Coastserving three counties in the Southeast: Jackson, Harrison, and Hancock.

Where does area code 225 come from?

The Louisiana area code 225 is the area code in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) for the southern US state Louisianawhich covers the entire nine-parish metropolitan area of ​​Baton Rouge. The area code was created in August 1998 in an area code separate from area code 504.

Which area code in the USA is 244?


Code Territory or Use Remarks
242 Bahamas (all) 1996, created by split from 809 mnemonic: BHA
243 not in use
244 not in use easily recognizable code (ERC)
245 not in use

What time is it in area code 302?

Area code 302

Country Larger cities in area code 302 Time zone
DE Delaware Brookside, Dover, Edgemoor, Elsemere, Georgetown, Glasgow, Hockessin, Middletown, New Castle, Newark, North Star, Pike Creek, Seaford, Smyrna, Wilmington More cities EASTERN The current time is 21:54:31

What zip code is 225?

Area code 225

List of all postal codes in area code 225
ZIP code Postal city Country
Postal code 70814 Baton Rouge Louisiana
Postal code 70879 Baton Rouge Louisiana
Postal code 70827 Baton Rouge Louisiana
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Which area code is 239?

Florida Southwest area code 239 is the North American area code for a large area Southwest Florida. It includes Lee and Collier counties, small parts of Hendry and Charlotte counties, and the Everglades National Park in Continental County Monroe. It was created in 2003 as an area code separate from area code 941.

Which city has the area code 213?

Los Angeles Includes the central business district and city center Los Angeles, Californiaarea code 213 is one of the local prefixes of phone numbers provided by RingCentral.

How do you know if it’s a spam number?

Open the app and sign in with your Gmail, Microsoft, or Facebook account. You can also configure A real interlocutor as default dialer and text app in message settings. Every time a spam or fraudulent call arrives, TrueCaller will display a spam or fake call popup on your phone.

How do I block an area code on my landline?

How do I block phone numbers on a landline phone?

  • Pick up the handset and dial * 60.
  • You hear a message that guides you through the process of blocking a number.
  • To block the last call, dial # 01 #
  • To block another number, dial #, then the number (including the area code), then #.
  • How to check if the phone number is correct?

    Just plug it in number for Google or your search engine choice. You can enter a number like “555-555-5555” or 5555555555 and you should see similar results. If the number is related to a legitimate business, you should see that the company’s website appears in the first few results.