Which two devices are considered input devices?

Which 2 devices are considered input devices?

The most popular input devices are keyboard, mouse and touchscreen. Portable keyboard, wireless mouse and iPhone. There are hundreds of other input devices such as microphones to capture sound waves, scanners to capture image data, and virtual reality devices to record our body movements.

What are 2 input and output devices?

Answer: Input devices: Computer related input devices are Keyboard, Mouse, Touchpad, TrackPoint, Scanner, Microphone, Digital Cameras, Barcode Reader, Joystick, Webcametc. Output devices: Few examples of output devices are printers, projector, plotters, monitor, speakers, headphones, etc.

What is an input device 2 examples?

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Examples of input devices include keyboards, mouse, scanners, cameras, joysticks and microphones.

Which two devices are considered output devices?

Monitors and printers are two of the most commonly used output devices for use with a computer. Types of output devices.

What are the four input devices?

► The four input devices are: mouse, keyboard, joystick, gamepad.

Which three devices are considered output devices?

Headphones, monitors, printers, speakers, scanners, faxes and projectors they are all considered output devices.

What is input in computers?

Entry this data that the computer receives. The output is data sent by the computer. Computers only work with digital information. Any input that the computer receives must be digitized.

What are sample output devices?

External devices

  • Monitor – the main output device of the computer. …
  • Printer – Used to print information on paper. …
  • Speaker – Converts digital signals into audible sound waves.
  • Projector – A device used to project the video output of the computer onto a wall or screen.

What input device can identify users by their voice?

Explanation: Device for biometric identification is an input device that can identify a user based on a unique physical characteristic such as a fingerprint or a voice. The digitizer is used with a stylus to design and create images or plans.

Which three devices are considered intermediate devices in the network, choose three?

Examples of intermediary network devices are: switches and wireless access points (network access) routers Internet firewalls (security).

What type of connector is displayed?

According to the signal standard

Standard signal name Introduction of the year Connector
Digital Visual Interface (DVI) 2000 Apple display connector (ADC)
Serial digital interface (SDI) 2003 BNC
High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) 2003 HDMI Type A / C 19-pin connector
DisplayPort 2007 20-pin (external) 32-pin (internal)

What is Lojack’s purpose?

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This allows the device owner to remotely locate, lock, or delete all files on the device. It ensures that the computer will only boot an operating system that is trusted by the motherboard manufacturer.

Which two aspects of the computer can be protected by setting a BIOS password, choose two?

Which two aspects of the computer can be protected by setting a BIOS password? (Choose two.)

  • network address assignment method.
  • hard disk settings.
  • logging into the operating system.
  • booting the operating system.
  • file system management.
  • firewall settings.

How is the connector used in the computer?

CN36 (male) This is the connector used by most printer cables. DB25 (female) This connector is used for parallel printer output on a PC. It is also used for SCSI output, especially on Mac computers. DB25 (male) is used for parallel printers (and other devices with a parallel port) as well as SCSI and serial ports.

What are the security features of the BIOS?

The security section of the BIOS is designed to prevent unauthorized people from making any changes to the BIOS. … Security Option: This feature allows you to password-protect the BIOS to prevent unauthorized users from making changes. You can also set to require a password to start the computer.

What is the function of the BIOS?

BIOS, in full basic input / output system, a computer program that is usually stored in EPROM and used by the processor to perform startup procedures when the computer is turned on. Its two main routines determine what peripherals (keyboard, mouse, drives, printers, graphics cards, etc.)

How does an inline UPS protect your computer equipment from blackouts and outages?

How does an inline UPS protect your computer equipment from power outages and outages? Explanation: Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) contain a battery which constantly supplies the computer with a constant level of voltage.

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How does the Post indicate an error?

How does POST indicate an error? error code or beep warns the technician of a problem. … When the computer is turned on, it emits a series of beeps to indicate that the BIOS settings have changed and need to be reconfigured. The technician reconfigures the BIOS settings, saves them, and restarts the computer.

What two types of BIOS passwords are typically supported by the device?

On many systems, two types of passwords can be enabled: a power-on password, which must be entered to allow any use of the system, and setup password that must be entered to allow access to BIOS / CMOS configuration.

What is a UEFI application?

UEFI overview

Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) is the firmware code from a chip on the motherboard that provides additional functionality beyond the Basic Input / Output System (BIOS). UEFI is a way of doing things with your computer before loading the operating system.

When assembling the computer What does pin ID 1 look like?

  • by a small arrow or incision.
  • plus sign.
  • by P1.
  • with the red cable. Explanation: Each cable that connects to a front panel connector on the motherboard is marked with a small arrow that indicates which pin is pin 1 so that it can be matched with pin 1 on the panel.
  • Which BIOS security features can prevent data from being read from the hard drive, even if the hard drive is moved to another computer?

    Disk encryption is used to encrypt hard drives to prevent access to data. Safe Boot ensures that devices will only run on a trusted operating system.

    Which two components are frequently replaced when updating the computer system on the motherboard?

    When the motherboard is upgraded to a newer version, both CPU and RAM are frequently updated to meet motherboard compatibility requirements.