Why is silicon the preferred material for germanium semiconductor devices?

Why is silicon preferred as a semiconductor material?

Each silicon atom is connected to four adjacent silicon atoms by four bonds. Silicon, a very common element, is used as a raw material for semiconductors due to its stable structure. Purifying silicon uses large amounts of energy.

What is better semiconductor silicon or germanium?

Currently, Silicon it is preferred over germanium for semiconductors. … The reason is that silicon can be processed at higher temperatures compared to germanium. The germanium crystal structure will be destroyed at higher temperature. In addition, silicon has a much lower leakage current than germanium.

Is germanium preferred to silicon for the production of semiconductor devices?

The germanium energy gap is smaller (0.72 eV) than the silicon energy gap (1.1 eV). Therefore, silicon is preferred over germanium for the production of semiconductor devices.

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Why are silicon and germanium used as semiconductors?

Silicon and germanium are used effectively here because they have 4 valence electrons in their outer shellwhich gives them the possibility of gaining or losing electrons at the same time.

Why is silicon preferred over germanium?

Why is silicon usually preferred in the production of germanium semiconductor devices? Silicon is abundant on the earth’s surface and is therefore cheaper than germanium. The PIV (Peak Inverse Voltage) rating of silicon is much higher than that of germanium and can therefore withstand much higher temperatures than germanium.

Why is the semiconductor industry using silicon instead of carbon or germanium?

Silicon is widely used as semiconductor material since the 1950s. Silicon, the most common element on earth after carbon, has four valence electrons and melts at a higher temperature than germanium (1,414 degrees Celsius compared to 938.3 degrees germanium).

Why is silicon used more than any other semiconductor in electronic devices?

Silicon is used in electronic devices because it is an element with very special properties. One of its most important properties is that it is a semiconductor. … It is even the most common element in the earth’s crust. The abundance of Si makes it extremely affordable and attractive.

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What are the advantages of silicon over other semiconductors?

Silicon has won because has excellent physical and technological properties compared with other semiconductor materials. – Silicon is abundant in the earth’s crest as quartzite ore, – There are effective methods for extracting and purifying silicon from its raw material.

What is the use of silicon and germanium?

Silicon-germanium is an important material used in manufacturing SiGe heterojunction bipolar transistors and SiGe tensioned metal oxide semiconductor (MOS) transistors for advanced technologies of complementary oxide semiconductors (CMOS) and BiCMOS (bipolar CMOS).