Wicked West: We Tried and the Cowboy Vampires Had Nowhere Else to Run

We tried Evil West, a game based on a simple idea but a winning action game that promises to fuse the western and horror genres.

What kind of bomb is this Evil West? The idea is simple: make cowboys, outlaws and vampires fight each other in an action game inspired by the figures of the genre and also put a lot of their own into it. The result is an enjoyable, compelling, and technically respectable experience.

After tried Evil West about forty minutes, we no longer have any doubts: this is a game to watch. There is not even a long road ahead, expected on consoles and PC in the fall, more precisely on November 22, 2022. The game kicked off already in full swing, however, to get a sense of knowing by heart its simple yet compelling mechanics. The protagonist is a cowboy with piercings and rings, a member of a secret society that hunts vampires, but here they will not be the only enemies that will oppose our victory.

Western vampires

Angry West: We only met one friend in the demo...

Angry West: We only met one friend in the demo…

For the first few minutes, we kill common criminals while guarding a small frontier village that hides between its streets a dizzying crevice that seems to reach the center of the earth. A few minutes or more is enough to realize the quality of the work done. wild flying boara Polish software manufacturer with over a hundred employees already responsible for the recent past of games such as Hard Reset, Shadow Warrior and Trek To Yomi.

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Fire enemies in these very first bars are a real pleasure: the reactivity of the character is excellent, as is the speed and accuracy of his aiming. Shots hit the target with difficulty, they turn every enemy that will oppose our investigation into a mess. When they attack us, leaving their weak points uncovered, we will see how red circles will appear on their bodies, which will indicate where to aim for maximum damage and satisfaction. There were such simple western games…

Everything will change dramatically as soon as we descend into an attractive cut in the ground, which the thugs seemed to want to protect at all costs. Below we will find a huge pyramidal structure and many, many vampires ready to resist our clerical enthusiasm. Enemies change, and the most effective strategies also change: against vampires, bullets are no longer so useful, their damage will be greatly reduced, since the hero of the game does a good job even in close combat. Evil West’s melee system is somewhat reminiscent of the last God of War: to strike, you basically use one button, but the movements will change depending on how many times and how long it is pressed. After a few more or less powerful strikes, the combo usually ends with a final grab or strike that knocks the enemy far away or into obstacles that deal even more damage to them.

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blunt fangs

Wicked West: where the bullets don't reach, our fists will take care of it

Wicked West: where the bullets don’t reach, our fists will take care of it

The Wicked West vampires are big, agile, often accompanied by hideous giant bugs, but nothing compared to the monster that will await us at the end of the part of the game we’ve been allowed to try. There boss fight, in this case it will turn out quite simply, even if on the first attempt we had to prostrate ourselves at the feet of the enemy. But the second time around, there was no story: the tall vampire’s wings couldn’t protect him any further, and our chopping attacks combined with a lot of bullets allowed us to achieve the result. Evil West also includes new skills that can be unlocked with experience points, pretty classic in what they offer, and four special skills that will be unlocked at predetermined points in the story.

Ultimate Technique

Evil West: Get Out, Undead!

Evil West: Get Out, Undead!

And that’s all for now in terms of gameplay, but that’s enough. Evil West doesn’t disappoint either control and graphics: The former are responsive and precise, and the graphics, while not able to compete with Sony’s beefy Kratos, nevertheless do their job, offering the player extremely clean visuals, great use of colors, and some pretty spectacular scenarios. The only thing that didn’t really drive us crazy, but it’s a matter of personal taste, is the imprint of pulp in the character design, but you quickly get used to it, and it still remains in line with that experience of the developers. wanted to implement. We would love to continue playing if the available time and the demo didn’t end so abruptly…

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For some, Evil West will be an unexpected surprise, for others it will be an exciting confirmation. We love the direction the project is taking, it works and it’s uplifting, but as always, we’ll have to wait to discover the final and complete form. Like Gungrave GORE, this game also took us back to the past when video games were all about entertainment, little chatter, and no need to inform fans about important issues and topics. It’s pure fun and sometimes it’s just fine!


  • Very funny
  • Graphically very good


  • Let’s hope it’s not too underground!
  • Not many skills to unlock


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