Will Xbox Game Pass welcome Lies of P to D1? New rumor from The Snitch

Snitch strikes again with a new rumor that is a bit cryptic but still quickly interpreted by video game enthusiasts from all over the world. Liquor would suggest, according to fan speculation, that Lies of P Coming to Xbox Game Pass in D1.

How did we come to this conclusion? The Snitch shared a synopsis video with green background – which you can see below – and with a sequence in Morse code. The user translated the latter and realized that the sentence was: “The wise man said you will find your way.” This is a reference to a Kanye West song called “The Pinocchio Story”.

Since The Snitch does not suggest any music news, the fact that it is Pinocchio in close proximity to Gamescom 2022 suggests that the real subject of the leak is Lie Pa soul-like RPG inspired (very loosely) by Collodi’s own work.

We already know that Lies of P will be at Gamescom 2022, so the leak can’t just foreshadow the fact that there will be news on the game. On the contrary, it is quite possible that the real clue green background, which is a reference to the Xbox. Since Lies of P is coming across multiple platforms (PC, Stadia, Xbox Series X|S, and PS5), the only way to get it connected to Xbox is with Game Pass.

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It’s a series of steps, perhaps a little forced, but the Twitter and ResetEra players are pointing in that direction. Snitch he never leaked and never shared a tweet without a good reason. With Gamescom’s Opening Night Live 2022 just around the corner, we’ll get confirmations or denials soon.

Finally, here is the Gamescom’s Opening Night Live 2022 trailer.


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