With a € 9 ticket: punks and a marginalized storm on the luxury island of Sylt

With a € 9 ticket: punks and a marginalized storm on the luxury island of Sylt

Spending a Whitsun weekend on Sylt is a privilege for people on a good budget. On a luxury island, they usually belong to their own kind. This year, however, everything is different. With the € 9 ticket, which allows the German government to make it possible for everyone to travel despite high fuel prices, Sylt will have a new clientele this year. From punks and marginalized people who find a trip north suddenly affordable with cheaper tickets.

Until August 31, residents of Germany should be able to use public transport for € 9 per month. This was decided as part of the federal government’s bailout package. With a ticket of 9 euros, you can use regional trains throughout Germany.

Unprepared for the great coming

On the island of Sylt, such prospects do not make everyone happy. “We expect an increased number of passengers during the campaign. Both on the trains from Hamburg to Sylt and on the buses on the island »says managing director of Sylt Marketing, Moritz Luft, the German news agency. Reason for doubt: The island is not optimally equipped for the 9 euro ticket and the expected rush. In the summer months, the trains are sometimes at the limit of their transport capacity.

The fears are well-founded. They left with a battle cry “Sylt boardern!” called for a trip to the island, reported by “Bild”. Not the first time. Already in the spring of 1995, rioters heeded Autonomer’s call and traveled to Sylt with a weekend train ticket for 15 Marks. They wanted to cause chaos there.

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Several rioters were arrested

Dozens of rioters were arrested at Westerland train station. The first punks come to the same place. This ensures a noisy weekend on a quiet and elegant island. (pb)

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