Your Guide on How to Scroll on MacBook Air

Your Guide on How to Scroll on MacBook Air

Scrolling on a desktop computer or PC is natively different from scrolling on Mac. If you don’t have an idea of how to scroll on MacBook Air, you don’t need to stress out. You can easily scroll on all versions of Mac in various ways. In this article, you will find different ways of scrolling. Also, you will learn how to quickly fix the flickering screen issue when scrolling while browsing the web.

Fix MacBook Screen Issues for Better Scrolling

While using the MacBook, if you feel that the screen flickers constantly, check for signs of damage. Before you visit the Apple repair center, try some easy troubleshooting procedures by yourself. You may try adjusting the display settings or screen resolution. Not every monitor screen supports high-resolution settings. Use an external monitor or try to use another graphic card for display. Or, try to boot your Mac in Safe Mode.

Methods to Scroll on MacBook

Scroll Using a Trackpad

The primary way to scroll on a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air is to use the trackpad. The scrolling gesture on the Mac is reversed from the PC. For scrolling, put two fingers on the Mac’s trackpad and scroll your fingers in the required direction. Make sure you use just two fingers without clicking down or somewhere else. For horizontal scrolling, swipe two fingers sideways. Swiping fingers to the left will slide left, and swiping them right will slide right.

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Scroll Using the Spacebar

The space bar can be used for scrolling on Mac as well as Windows. By pressing the Spacebar, you can quickly scroll down to the bottom of any website page. For scrolling upwards, you have to press Shift + Space Bar. Note that you can use this method only when you have to quickly reach further down on the specific webpage. It doesn’t prove effective for scrolling in all cases.

Use Scrolling Bars for Scrolling

The scroll bar usually appears at the right corner of the browser or any folder or document on the MacBook Air. By default, this bar stops appearing once the mouse cursor moves from the place of the scroll bar. But, you can change the setting accordingly. Left-click on the scroller and move your next finger up or down on the trackpad. For horizontal scrolling, the scroll bar will be at the screen’s bottom. For vertical scrolling, it will be in the right corner.

Scroll With Keyboard Arrows

You can scroll using the up, down, left, and right keys (arrow keys) of your keyboard on the MacBook Air. You may also use the page down and page up keys for scrolling by tapping the function key and the up or down key. You can move these keys to the ends of the page while using the fn + Down arrow keys. If you are using the fn + Up arrow key, you need to move to either the start of the page.

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Use External Mouse for Scrolling

Use an external mouse to scroll on your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro. If your mouse is using USB Type-A, use the right adapters. For horizontal scrolling, tap the Shift key while scrolling up or down using the mouse wheel. However, for vertical, press Shift and scroll down with your mouse wheel. Note that while using the external mouse, you have to use the scroll wheel of your mouse to move up and down.

Change Scrollbar Appearance Setting

Your Guide on How to Scroll on MacBook Air

To change the scroll bar appearance settings, go to the General setting and then click System Preferences. Here, you’ll get 3 options for scroll bars. Choose any of the options accordingly. Just underneath these options, you can also find two options for page position settings. Select the suitable one. The first option means that the scroll will move on a page basis, while another says the scroll will move to the position of the page you’re seeing.

Change MacBook Scrolling Preferences

As discussed above, the MacBook’s trackpad configuration is reversed by default. You can alter the scrolling preferences if you can’t use the default setting. For this, go to the Apple Logo and tap System Preferences. Choose Trackpad to open the mouse settings and click on Scroll & Zoom. Unmark the checkbox “Scroll Direction: Natural”. This will change the default setting for you.

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The Conclusion

If you are a new Mac user, you might feel weird about how to scroll on MacBook Air. You will find it a little difficult to use these scrolling methods. But, it seems much easier once you get used to these gestures with regular practice. If you can’t scroll down on your MacBook Air, check the trackpad scroll direction setting. Then restart your MacBook and find out if it resolves the problem.